Backache forced me to search for an air mattress

I have been suffering with this backache for more than a fortnight now. It is disturbing my sleep and I feel listless during the day. We visited the physician, and she suggested I change the mattress and see if it works for me. She may be right because we use cotton mattresses in our home. Every four or five years, this mattress needs to be opened up, and the cotton in it needs to be thrashed for adding volume. It has been almost seven years since we did that.


We were planning for regular mattress, but they seemed rather expensive. I am not sure I can afford them. Moreover, I could end up spending on one of those expensive mattresses and continue to feel this pain. It is this thought that prompted my husband to suggest air mattress instead. I am not averse to the idea. I could get the old mattress remade in the meanwhile.

We wanted the best, and the most durable air mattress so that our children could use it later on. We searched several buyer’s guides for this year, which offer best air mattress reviews 2016. We noticed that most of them mentioned the length as well as the breadth of the mattress, but failed to mention the depth or the height of these mattresses. We are buying the Aerobed air mattress, which is about 54 inches in breadth and 75 inches in length. This air mattress seems firm enough when compared to conventional air mattresses. I am impressed with the in-built pump for sure, and the raised pillows as well. It spares me the need to use pillow covers. Some of these mattress reviews mention a new technology that prevents the mattress from sagging. I hope that is a reliable statement because the mattress that we eventually ordered includes such technology. I also checked whether the material was puncture resistant, because many of the air mattresses nowadays are puncture resistant. My husband spotted one of these mattresses had suction gripping arrangement at the bottom, so the air mattress we eventually ordered has that feature too. The specifications mentioned “flocked top”, which I do not understand, but I hope the air mattress that we ordered will have the top as shown in the picture.

If You Love Camping, You’ll Love Air Mattresses

Whether you intend to use it for indoor or during your next picnic, a Coleman air mattress can make all the difference when it comes to improving the quality of sleep and comfort you get during the night. This air mattress is built for luxury and comfort. Like other brands of the best air mattresses which are available on the market, Coleman Air mattress comes in a variety of models with each model boasting of a plethora of comfort and luxurious features. Here are some of the superb Coleman air mattresses on the market.
1. Coleman High QuickBed
People who have invested in this Coleman air mattress have never regretted for having purchased, since it has turned out to be a great value for their money. It comes with a highly powered electric pump that makes inflating and deflating it a minor task. It comes with spectacular caveats which do not only add to its beautiful design, but it also helps in holding the bedding in place. It is a great air mattress for indoor use.
2. Coleman QuickBed Queen
Talk about the best buy queen size air mattress for camping 2015 and you are undoubtedly referring to this superb air mattress. It features an exceptionally comfortable coil system that is crafted to offer great support. It also boasts of a soft plush top that is designed for luxurious comfort. It can easily be adjusted to fit in virtually all beds and also accommodate sheets of various sizes. It is also revered for its Airtight System that is perfect for ensuring that it stays fully inflated throughout the night.
3. Coleman Premium QuickBed
This air mattress offers an extra height that is ideally suitable for keeping you comfortable off the floor. It also features a soft suede top that is made from luxurious comfort. For purposes of convenience when inflating and deflating, the airbed mattress comes with a built-in electric pump. Carrying and storing it is quiet easy, thanks to its zippered carry/ storage bag. It comes with a 2-years warranty.

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Finding the best air mattress

intex air mattress

Air mattresses have become life savers in camping. However, they have also gained a lot of popularity in everyday use. I find them highly comfortable and easy to move around with in case I have to shift apartments. Finding the right air mattress can however be such a headache especially with numerous best air mattress reviews that only confuse you even more. That is why I came up with a criterion that can help you figure out the best air mattress for you.


Your budget will obviously be the starting point of your search. A good air mattress will be affordable and within the range that will not overstretch your budget. The best way to cut on cost is to ensure the mattresses within the price range you seek have the basic necessities that make a mattress good enough. Such things as texture, firmness, quality and durability have to meet set standards. I believe that all other perks such as an included frame or built in pump are as good as they are can be forgone unless you have the cash which is quite okay. This is to say that the best air mattress for you might not be the best for someone else.

Another consideration is the size of the air mattress and the quality of the materials used. I’m a fool for comfort and personally believe king size air mattresses are the most comfortable. Materials used have to be long lasting and withstand a wide range of weight so they can serve for longer. They also have to be suitable in case of the need to deflate and pack them away. I’m personally biased towards PVC plastic made air mattresses for their firmness and durability.

There are so many best air mattress reviews out there but the bottom line is that it all comes down to personal taste and preference, budget constraints and the use to which the air mattress is to be put to.

Why the Virtual World is the Future of Business for Hong Kong

hong kong virtual officeMost of us know one or two friends who would like to start their own businesses. Most start-ups are usually cash strapped when getting into the business world for the first time. I have a friend whose business was crushed before he even started, simply because he invested a lot of seed money into getting an executive office space in downtown New York. Having learnt his lessons, he is now reaping the benefits of using a virtual office in NYC. Small existing businesses also find it difficult to expand, especially when budgetary concerns are considered. Initial costs such as the business registration process and marketing are normally financially restrictive in many countries. The cost of getting an office and furnishing it also eats into the budget, especially when there is little cash to put into the business during its infancy. Getting a virtual office is the most logical option for anyone who is venturing into the unknown.

Getting a virtual office also makes sense if your business is mostly home based. If you make lemonade or other products out of your basement then it makes no sense to lease office space. Additionally, online based businesses do not normally need a physical space, at least not in their infancy. With a virtual office, one can get a mailing address, a virtual receptionist to answer your calls, a personalized phone number and, in more expensive packages, you can get teleconferencing facilities right from the comfort of your home.

Virtual offices offer the flexibility of having an office while not physically having a physical place to call an office. Many businesses across the globe are fast turning to this method of hosting their business, as opposed to succumbing to the high initial costs of setting up a business. Apart from the cost-cutting benefits that are presented by a virtual office, people who use virtual offices also benefits from less headaches involved with setting up an office. Most countries require several business permits for a single office, which sometimes take lengthy inspections that may delay a business from taking off.

Most countries across the globe have virtual office vendors who offer different packages to suit the needs of each client. In some regions, the services make much more sense than in other parts of the world. For instance, getting virtual offices Hong Kong would make a lot of sense due to the high rent paid by tenants. A news article I recently read highlighted the plight of individuals in the port city who are running out of land for development. Seems everyone in Hong Kong will be running to virtual offices in the near future if the status quo remains.

Virtual offices are definitely the future. The high costs of maintaining an office accompanied by the limitations of a physical office will encourage more people to go back to the comfort of their homes. Soon, the only occupants of physical offices will be virtual office vendors who will be helping you run your business from home.